Virtual CTO

Technology Advisory for Executives

Partnering with Executives to Maximize Their Technology

Whether the goal is technology advancement, establishing a software factory, reducing cost, or product delivery, our team can provide your executives with leadership support to secure and scale your technology.

Core Service Offerings

Planning – Partner with executive team to ensure technology is aligned with business goals
Strategy – Develop and maintain product technical roadmap, define and guide DevSecOps process
Decision Support – Leadership support for technology related decisions (buy vs build, technology stack selection, cloud service adoption, etc..)
Risk Management – Identify risks related to the software architecture security, reliability, scalability, and DevSecOps process
Budgeting – Support the process of planning for IT related spending
Personnel – Support or lead the technical screening and hiring process for technical staff
Vendors – Provide advice on managing software or IT related third-party relationships

Key Value Proposition

  • This service offering provides between 30%-60% cost savings on salary alone
  • Allows owners/founders to retain all of your equity
  • Immediate solution versus roughly 6+ month hiring process to find the right candidate
  • Turn over risk is hedged by outsourced team, we understand your requirements and stay in the loop to remove the need for ramp up
  • Transition risk is mitigated by implemented best practices and tool based processes to ensure work can always be transitioned

Project Spotlight

Virtual CTO

Our client, a $50M business operating in a highly regulated industry, generates revenue through physical retail locations and online. Their growth has been significant in just a few short years and as the business grows, so has their reliance on technology. They had a small team of in-house tech support but that was mostly focused on employee and location support. Given their size, they weren’t ready to hire a full-time CTO. However, technology systems and service providers were growing in both impact and annual spend. They partnered with Adelear to map their systems and key business processes, to identify both inefficiencies and potential areas for cost-saving and develop a technology roadmap that will enable scalability

Developing Scalable, Sustainable Strategies

Executive-level technological support can completely change a business’s operations and increase the ability to meet strategic objectives. Our goal is to help businesses maximize the value they receive from their cloud platforms and engineering teams by providing a cost-effective, scalable, and faster strategy to achieve key technical objectives.

We want to help your business maintain sustainable growth, so our team of software engineers, system architects, and security professionals dive deep into your systems to gain a full understanding of where technology is positioned within your organization. Each vCTO client has a dedicated CTO that serves your organization. This approach enables intimate understanding of your unique mission while leveraging the scale and expertise of our team.

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We use leading technology approaches to provide customer specific solutions that help businesses meet their goals, become more efficient and enable data driven decision making. We are committed to your success and we have the expertise and drive to deliver purpose built software solutions for your business. Contact us to discuss how you can take the first steps in the journey towards a better run business.