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The cloud enables you to make innovative, agile business decisions, and Adelear enables the cloud. Our team offers solutions that allow businesses in a wide range of industries to unlock their potential while remaining compliant, secure and competitive.

Purpose-Built Cloud Solutions

Our goal is to help organizations take charge of their technology stacks by leveraging the cloud. We use leading engineering practices to provide client-specific solutions that help businesses meet their goals, become more efficient and enable data-driven decision making. Our industry-leading expertise with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure allows us to help your business to invest in secure and scalable platforms.


Cloud Enablement

Our engineers have developed cloud solutions for organizations ranging from startups to government agencies.

Virtual CTO

Acting as a technology advisor for executives, we represent you in technical decision support, system due-diligence, implementation leadership and more.

Connected Enterprise

Powered by our world-class enterprise data engineering platform, we ensure that your data is only entered once and will securely integrate across your systems.

Optimized Technology Delivery

Sometimes, off-the-shelf solutions aren’t the best solution. We help to actualize your company vision by custom-building best-in-class enterprise solutions for your needs.


Project Spotlights

Cloud Enablement

To serve a client operating in the Federal government, we were tasked with developing an application framework and DevSecOps process for rapid secure application delivery. Our team led the technical strategy, development and support of a cross organization AWS cloud framework to support application delivery for custom and ad-hoc acquisition, sustainment, logistics, and personnel initiatives. We developed a unified framework and supporting software factory for secure cloud-based data engineering and analytics application development.

Connected Enterprise

Over the last several years, our client, a subsidiary of a Global 500 company that provides large scale outsourced services in a highly regulated environment, experienced significant growth and had invested in a number of new enterprise systems. New personnel, new systems and evolving processes all helped the business scale but lacked executive visibility beyond siloed reporting. Additionally, they found instances across the organization where data was being manually entered when it already existed in other systems. They came to us needing a system that enabled shared data, executive-level analytics and increased transparency.


A client specializing in government contracting services needed a web application with cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) components for parsing contractual requirements and scoring proposal responses. This client had a strong technical foundation, including a remote software engineering team, but no DevOps, technical leadership, strategy, or architecture, expertise to execute and deliver the capabilities required.

Optimized Technology Delivery

Our client, a large domestic healthcare provider, needed to build an application but wasn’t sure whether to build it in-house or outsource it to a major consulting firm. Although they had resources to make the application internally, some of the desired technology and timeline presented their team with specific challenges. Adelear proposed a solution that leveraged our architects and practices while the client’s staff performed development, testing and operations.

Virtual CTO

Our client, a $50M business operating in a highly regulated industry, generates revenue through physical retail locations and online. Their growth has been significant in just a few short years and as the business grows, so has their reliance on technology. They had a small team of in-house tech support but that was mostly focused on employee and location support. Given their size, they weren’t ready to hire a full-time CTO. However, technology systems and service providers were growing in both impact and annual spend. They partnered with Adelear to map their systems and key business processes, to identify both inefficiencies and potential areas for cost-saving and develop a technology roadmap that will enable scalability

Striving for Better

Understanding your mission is paramount to our success. Our goal is to help you achieve it leveraging technology. We hold confidentiality, excellence, and service at our core. Each solution is designed to help you achieve your business’s mission by standardizing your data, making analytics easier and seamlessly and compliantly integrating with additional software. We specialize in Azure, are experts in AWS and are constantly evaluating new technology to find new ways to serve our clients.

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Stay Curious

Our diverse team is passionate about exploring new frontiers in technology and data and using them to drive value for our clients. Our company emphasizes continued intellectual advancement, and we value balance between work, family and community. Do you share our interests and enthusiasm? Reach out and introduce yourself. We are always looking for new teammates.

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We use leading technology approaches to provide customer specific solutions that help businesses meet their goals, become more efficient and enable data driven decision making. We are committed to your success and we have the expertise and drive to deliver purpose built software solutions for your business. Contact us to discuss how you can take the first steps in the journey towards a better run business.