Trusted Platforms

Solving Problems Through Technology

Adelear delivers innovative solutions on platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to support the missions of forward-thinking companies. We have a track record of leveraging these platforms to quickly deploy new technologies at scale.

Amazon Web Services

We offer consulting and pre-fab solutions that are built for rapid deployment in your AWS account. Our architectures and solutions adhere to the guidance and principles laid out in the AWS Well-Architected best practices. In addition, we can help modernize and upgrade your existing architecture, so it is compliant with the industry standards. Our AWS experience spans multiple industries, organizations of various sizes and different types of stakeholders. In each case, we serve the unique client needs by seeking to understand the mission, enabling the platforms innovation, and ensuring secure solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is built on world-class tools that ensure end-users and regulators alike have the built-in peace of mind that data is secure on all fronts. At Adelear, we assist new and current clients with expert Azure consulting and pre-built products to ensure that their cloud solutions are enabled for growth and mission success. Our expertise in helping build resilient, cost-effective, and scalable Azure solutions ranges from designing and deploying corporate enterprise systems in highly regulated industries to developing rapid prototypes for consumer applications.

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Partners & Certifications

Rubrik: Cloud Data Management & Enterprise Backup

Whether migrating to the cloud or managing multi- or hybrid-cloud environments, Rubrik’s API-first architecture enables streamlined management of enterprise backup. Data-loss and extended recovery times can mean permanent damage to business operations or organizational reputation. Adelear partners with Rubrik to minimize ransomware risks by leveraging their solution that converges legacy software and simplifies data management of enterprise backup.

Certifications: Continuous learning from the whole team

Our team of cloud engineers have earned a wealth of industry recognized expertise and certifications. We believe that, by themselves, individual certifications do not mean very much, however we promote them heavily amongst our team because a framework for learning is helpful. When combined with practical experience solving real-world challenges, these frameworks serve as an accelerator and enable our team to stay up to date with vendor best practices and new service offerings. We have Azure certified Developers and Security Engineers, and AWS Solutions Architects.



The Adelear impact was felt throughout our organization. They have an incredibly intelligent team that was effective at working across multiple silos in the company. I was brought in as the executive sponsor and it was clear at every phase that my satisfaction was a primary goal. The end result, we have eliminated the need to enter the same data multiple times, have systems that now share data and the ability to report on analytics across the enterprise.

Vice President

Fortune 500 Company

We've worked on and off with the Adelear team for the last couple years. The initial project was to create a connection between systems that needed to share data. Since we work with sensitive data, their experience with it was extremely important. Most recently, we decided to sign up for their Virtual CTO offering which has forced us to become more proactive in our tech strategy and provided some peace of mind in the cloud security arena. Our decision was reaffirmed last month when some of their recommendations reduced both our AWS and outsourced dev bills.


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