Optimized Technology Delivery

Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

Partnering with Stakeholders to Deliver Software Solutions

Sometimes off-the-shelf software just doesn’t work. Let us help you actualize your company vision through industry best practices in software delivery and product management.

Key Service Offerings:

  • Development, Security, and Operations (DevSecOps) best practices and tools to improve systems delivery processes through automation and increased technology adoption
  • Software factory standardization provided by AWS and Azure certified project engineers
  • Process assessment, risk management, training, and implementation
  • Cloud strategy, security, and migration to both commercial and hybrid cloud environments
  • Purpose-built software leveraging commercial platforms, cloud infrastructure and domain specific knowledge

Project Spotlight

Optimized Technology Delivery

Our client, a large domestic healthcare provider, needed to build an application but wasn’t sure whether to build it in-house or outsource it to a major consulting firm. Although they had resources to make the application internally, some of the desired technology and timeline presented their team with specific challenges. Adelear proposed a solution that leveraged our architects and practices while the client’s staff performed development, testing and operations.

Trust Adelear to Deliver

When your organization’s unique needs require a custom solution, we leverage our best engineering talent to develop software built specifically for you. If your team is able to build the software in-house, we can help optimize its delivery and modernize its tool suite.

Additionally, our engineers will help install, lead processes, and implement best practices across development, operations, and security. Our engineers can also help accelerate delivery by building and integrating custom software for you. No matter what, combining our proven processes, engineering talent and the latest in tech and tool stacks will lead to outstanding outcomes.

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We use leading technology approaches to provide customer specific solutions that help businesses meet their goals, become more efficient and enable data driven decision making. We are committed to your success and we have the expertise and drive to deliver purpose built software solutions for your business. Contact us to discuss how you can take the first steps in the journey towards a better run business.